Can we please just elect Barry Bonds to the Baseball Hall of Fame already?

Dear members of the National Baseball Hall of Fame Contemporary Baseball Era Committee — and will I name you NBHOFCBEC for brief?

Some of us have lives. We have already squandered too many treasured mind cells debating Bonds’ HOF {qualifications}, unhealthy habits and character defects.

Quick replace: Bonds was rejected for 10 years by HOF voters, who’re baseball writers. By rejecting Bonds but voting in David Ortiz final time, the voters had been telling Bonds that it is not about steroids, however “We’re just not that into you.”

Now Bonds will get one other swing, with a 16-person committee of former ballplayers, executives and veteran journalists. He will want 12 votes for enshrinement. The committee members haven’t but been introduced, nevertheless it figures to be a tricky crowd. For one factor, former nice gamers have a tendency to have contempt for steroid suspects. For one other factor, Baseball Writers’ Association of America voters weren’t the solely individuals Bonds rubbed the incorrect approach. He additionally was not wildly common amongst teammates or different gamers.

And when you suppose this is not a character contest, you did not listen to the most up-to-date vote.

So that is shaping up to be one other case of Lucy holding the ball for Charlie Brown’s kick try.

Another whiff for Bonds would imply we all return into the infinite loop of debate, as a result of Bonds would possible get one other swing three years down the highway, when a brand new committee would vote on Barry & The Rejects.

Just vote in Bonds. No extra tedious debating. If Barry will get in and God then destroys the Hall with an enormous lightning bolt, I’ll admit I used to be incorrect.

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