Best Elden Ring strength builds

Looking for inspiration for an Elden Ring strength build? With so many weapons to choose from in the Lands Between, it can be difficult to settle on a build (opens in new tab) that will match your playstyle. And then you have the best talismans (opens in new tab) to consider, and it can all … Read more

How to Install & Play Elden Ring Seamless Co-Op Mod

Elden Ring is getting even better with the easy to install Seemless Co-Op Mod for full interrupted multiplayer! Nexus Mods launched the Seamless Co-Op mod for Elden Ring today. This mod expands the game’s multiplayer way beyond its original capabilities. Instead of the usual Soulsborne co-op style, this mod allows players to complete the game … Read more

Pokemon Fan Designs Ghost-Type Eevee Evolution

Since an official one doesn’t exist, a Pokemon fan designs their own take on a ghost-type evolution for the popular Pokemon Eevee. Ever since the very first Pokemon games, Eevee has stood out as something special. While Eevee’s adorable design has a lot to do with its popularity, it also caught on Pokemon fan’s attention … Read more

Ikonei Island will have you “thinking outside the box”

Ikonei Island: An Earthlock Adventure immediately stood out with its eye-catching announcement trailer, and its interesting mix of mystery, exploration, and crafting, so we reached out to developer Snowcastle Games to find out more. We chatted to Snowcastle Games’ lead artist Fredrik Dahl, who was kind enough to answer all our questions about upcoming adventure … Read more