“Kendrick Perkins, you’re welcome for the ratings!”: Warriors’ Draymond Green and ESPN analyst continue to bicker on Instagram, Draymond Jr. shares his views

Warriors’ Draymond Green responded to Kendrick Perkins by putting up a tweet and deleting it via Instagram stories

The Golden State Warriors are Western Conference Finals bound! This means we now have to wait till Sunday to find out whether the matchup would be against the Suns or the Mavericks. Either way, a fun series to come. However, this does mean the Dubs have a little bit of time on their hands to relax. Draymond Green chose to spend it by pulling up old receipts.

He brought up the time Kendrick Perkins said Draymond was afraid to shoot.

Draymond showed no mercy when he spoke about the same, and went after the former player.

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Perkins heard Dray, and chose to respond via a tweet, which he deleted. A few minutes later, he reuploaded the video.

Draymond Green and Kendrick Perkins continue to butt heads on Twitter

After Perkins heard his video, everyone knew it was only a matter of time before Draymond responded. He surely did the same, as he took it to his Instagram story to get back.

Draymond told Perk to stand his ground, and not to delete what he says. He then took a cheeky shot at how this interaction would boost First Take’s views.

Perkins tried to justify himself, and said he always stands his ground.

Draymond clearly did not agree, but Perk wanted the last word.

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We can surely expect this to continue on Draymond’s podcast as well as on First Take.

Draymond Jr. looks confused when he heard someone say his dad was afraid

Draymond Green is an outspoken person, who clearly isn’t afraid to share what’s on his mind. This attitude of his sort of makes him who he is, but also lands him in trouble too. However, looks like Dray is raising DJ to be fearless too.

When DJ heard his dad say that someone called him afraid, he straight up went, “Who said that?”

Draymond shared the same in his story, and said, “Each one teaches one”

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Hopefully, Draymond channels his anger on the court, and we see Game 6 Dray in the entire WCF.

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