Roger Maris dished true feelings to The Post after breaking the record

The deed was performed, the Bambino caught, the stress off. A Brooklyn child named Sal Durante had delivered the treasured baseball to Roger Maris proper after the sport by which Maris’ 61st house run had given the Yankees a season-closing 1-0 win over the Red Sox and Maris a passing lane to usurp Babe Ruth . The weight of the world abruptly lifted, Maris informed Durante: “Sell it, child. See what you will get for it.”

Maris, as tightly wound as a ball of string for weeks, was truly smiling. The newspaper males had been hounding him, gathering earlier than video games and after video games and peppering him with questions. That wasn’t Maris’ model, ever. He most well-liked to be left alone to do his job. His hair fell out. He heard boos, and he blamed the jackals of the press.

So that evening, Oct. 1, 1961, freshly topped as the single-season house run king, Roger Maris went to dinner at Joe Marsh’s Spindletop Restaurant at forty ninth Street and Seventh Avenue, coronary heart of Manhattan’s theater district, dressed to the nines. Having barely eaten for days, he devoured a shrimp cocktail, a steak the dimension of teammate Yogi Berra’s catcher’s mitt (medium), a combined salad with French dressing, a baked potato, two glasses of wine and a slice of cheesecake.

His eating companions, all of them delighted to see him giggle once more, had been his spouse, Pat; their two closest associates in New York, Julie and Selma Isaacson; and Milton Gross, the sports activities columnist for The New York Post.

Roger Maris swings
Roger Maris had dinner with The Post after breaking the house run record.
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Yes. In his happiest second of the season, he ate with the enemy, though Gross was hardly that, halfway by way of a two-decade tenure at The Post by which he was identified for his work ethic, biting commentary when he noticed unsuitable in sports activities, and relentless equity. He’d written empathetically about Maris’ plight whereas many different reporters went for, let’s say, completely different angles.

(True story. A reporter from Time journal requested him sooner or later, flatly: “So, you mess around on the highway, proper?” Maris replied: “I’m a married man.” “So am I,” the reporter mentioned , “however I mess around on the highway.” Maris stared at him and did not do what he in all probability needed to do, as a substitute merely saying: “That’s what you are promoting.”)

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Gross marveled at Maris’ urge for food and requested if he’d skipped breakfast. “I could not eat,” Maris defined. “Pat and I went to Mass at St. Patrick’s after which I went proper to the ballpark.”

The subsequent afternoon, Gross wrote in The Post — entrance web page, jumped to the again web page: “He appeared totally relaxed and but he wasn’t as a result of his identify is the most celebrated identify at the second. Say Kennedy, say Khrushchev, say Maris and you’ve got mentioned all of it. His face is the mirror of fame. He can not conceal as a faceless athlete from Hibbing, Minn., Fargo, ND, or Kansas City.”

Still, after weeks of wanting like a condemned man, Maris lastly conceded his true feelings as Gross refilled his wine glass and Pat supplied a match so he might mild a cigarette.

“This was the biggest expertise of my life,” Maris admitted.

Yet even then, he could not give himself fully to the second.

“It has to be as a result of I would not need to undergo it once more for something. Relax? I have not unwound but. I’m simply starting to unwind. Plenty of it’s nonetheless a bit of hazy.”

What wasn’t hazy to Maris, or his companions, was the enormity of the season. Maris and Mickey Mantle had mounted a two-man assault on Babe Ruth’s cherished record of 60 house runs yearly, earlier than Mantle fell unwell with an abscess in his hip. Maris roared at his desk at the Spindletop that it wasn’t simply the newspaper guys who’d tried to drive a wedge between Maris and Mantle.

“Last winter I used to be house and kidding with my daughter Susan,” Maris mentioned. “She’s solely a bit of lady, she wasn’t 4 but. I requested her, ‘Who’s the greatest baseball participant in the world?’ ‘Mickey Mantle,’ she says.”

Roger Maris
Roger Maris
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Maris referred to as for the verify then; he needed to hurry to Lenox Hill Hospital to go to Mantle and Bob Cerv, with whom he’d shared an house that summer time, earlier than visiting hours ended. Before he might, a teenage lady walked to the desk, requested for Maris’ autograph, then added: “Would you place the date on the high too, please?”

“What’s the date?” Maris requested.

“The date,” mentioned his pal, Julie Isaacson, “is the one you probably did what no person else ever did.”

The subsequent day, Milton Gross summed it up for everybody at that desk.

“Commissioner Ford Frick,” he wrote, “can have his asterisk.”

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