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It’s parade season again in the Bay Area.

The Golden State Warriors celebrated their fourth championship in eight years Monday with a parade that included a number of memorable moments.

NBA Finals MVP Stephen Curry was naturally in the spotlight after leading his team to a six-game victory over the Boston Celtics. He has been one of the focal points of all four championships during this run and reminded the world how many times he has won the title with his necklace:

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Steph is ready for parade number four πŸ’

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He also celebrated with the fans, was honored by a goat and dropped the mic with his signature celebration:

Fellow Splash Brother Klay Thompson didn’t miss the chance to tease Curry for showing some emotion after winning the title, though he was the one who maybe earned some good-natured ridicule when he dropped one of his championship rings:

Draymond Green is the other member of the Big Three that has been present for all four titles. He has never been one to hold back, and he wasn’t about to start when the Warriors were celebrating another championship.

The Michigan State product cursed on live television multiple times, said he is “going to continue to destroy people on Twitter” and punctuated a speech by saying “as always, f – k everybody else.”

Yet he also brought some introspection to the party.

“What brings me the most joy, I know everyone probably thinks it’s talking s – t, in winning a championship ever since I won my first one is seeing the guys who win it the first time,” he said. “Because in your journey, you always want that feeling back. The first time you do it, you want that feeling back. And the reality is you never get it again. And the only way to truly get it is to feel it through Andrew. Wiggins. To feel it through Jordan Poole. “

It wasn’t the first time winning it all for head coach Steve Kerr, but it may have been his first time unleashing a Ted Lasso dance for the public:

Elsewhere, a shirtless Gary Payton II was leading the chants with the fans:

They will be chanting as champions all offseason.

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